Welcome to Capstone 2013

Raison d’être

Keep in mind that the course came to be for a number of reasons, but I view the two main ones as follows:

  1. Research skills and awareness for college. The college people often say that kids don’t get to them with enough background in doing research, so we set out to tend to that shortcoming by creating this class.  Academic research goes beyond typing something into a Google search bar and seeing what comes up.
  2. We’re not a warehouse for those suffering with senioritis. Over the years seniors have come to the last semester with an attitude that suggested they were on the glide path of an amusement park ride–just cruising into the end.   Well, we put the onus on you to explore a subject of interest to you so your interest level is not dependent on your instructor.  You will not be afflicted with the malady known as senioritis if you are pursuing knowledge that is of interest to you.

There is much sea to sail between now and graduation, so let’s get started.


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